Guitar Modification Services

Solid Body Electric Guitars and Basses only.

When we receive your guitar, we study its sound by playing it. Next, we use our proprietary Music Instrument Sound Analysis System (MISAS) to measure its sustain for each note, perform a spectrgraphic mapping analysis and a harmonic content analysis. Based on the result sof these tests, we then recommend the modifications required to give your guitar more tone, more character, increased clarity, fullness, sustain, sensitivity and volume. Afterward, your guitar will be much more responsive and far more versatile while creating a unique sound that only you will have.

During your guitar's modification, we examine it for wear and damage, then undertake the necessary work to repair any wear or damage, and to make string bending easier and eliminate dead notes, including:

  • Fret Milling or Replacement (if badly worn).
  • Fret Leveling.
  • Fret Recrowning.
  • Fret Polishing.
  • Clean, repair or replace fingerboard.
  • Repair, reset or replace neck.
  • Repair or replace tuners.
  • Repair or replace output jack.
  • Repair or replace pickguard, rear cover, or control plate.
  • Clean or repair finish; refinishing may be needed with badly worn guitars and basses.
  • Repair cracks, slips, dents and other damage to the body.
  • Repair broken, oxidized or damaged bridge ground.
  • Repair or replace bindings, purfling, rosettes, and fingerboard dots.
  • Replace worn knobs and brights.

Some of the many modifications we offer are:

  • Installation of our proprietary MultiTone or DuoTone pickups.
  • Installation of our proprietary SolidTone piezo pickup (transducer) system.
  • Installation of custom preamplifier or buffer.
  • Installation of onboard active equalizer.
  • Installation of onboard active sustain (optical or FET-type compressors).
  • Installation of onboard active fuzz, overdrive or distortion system.
  • Revised individually custom-engineered pickup switching, including phase and pickup mode selectors.
  • Revised individually custom-engineered tone control.
  • Compensation of volume controls to eliminate treble losses.
  • Installation of upgraded potentiometers.
  • Installation of upgraded tone capacitors.
  • Installation of upgraded switches.
  • Installation of upgraded wire.
  • Installation of cavity, pickguard and ickup shielding.
  • Installation of our exclusive Brightener Switch.
  • Installation of upgraded Nut (Brass, Graphite, TUSQ, Locking or Bone as indicated by MISAS tests) cut and worked for proper string height.
  • Installation of upgraded Saddles (Brass, Graphite, TUSQ, or Steel as indicated by MISAS tests) adjusted for proper string height and intonation.
  • Installation of upgraded Tremolo Block, if present (Brass or Steel as indicated by MISAS tests).
  • Installation of our proprietary SilkGlide Neck.
  • Installation of upgraded string trees.
  • Installation of upgraded tuners - locking, calibrated or sealed vintage replicas.
  • Installation of Floyd Rose tremolo, nut and tuners.
  • Installation of Billy Bags tremolo.
  • Installation of upgraded strap locks.
  • Installation of upgraded or customized knobs.
  • Installation of custom decals or personaliztion.
  • Installation of custom pickguard.
  • Tropicalization of all electronics to ensure long life and reliability.

After each modification we:

  • Ensure your guitar is properly set up, including: Relief, Pickup Height, Nut Adjustment, Truss Rod Adjustment, and String Change with new Thomastik-infeld PowerBrights strings.
  • Truss Rod Adjustment, resulting in a straightened fingerboard that has the correct relief.
  • Adjust Tuner Machine Tension and & Lubricate Gears (If Necessary).
  • Adjust Action, setting string heights at nut and saddles.
  • Adjust Intonation.
  • Adjust Tremolo, by adjusting tension and the balance between left-to-right and front-to-back.
  • Adjust Tremsetter by setting screws and resetting the zero position.
  • Compound, Buff & Polish Finish.
  • Perform Fingerboard Treatment.
  • Adjust and Lubricate Tuner Machines.
  • Reset the Neck, ensuring the correct angle.

Guitar Modification Services Rates: $100.00 per hour, 4 hours minimum.

We require a non-refundable $80.00 MISAS Fee to have our technician evaluate your guitar and draw up an estimate for modifications. The MISAS Fee will apply toward the overall modification fee, if you accept the estimate and ask us to proceed with the work.

  1. Paying the MISAS Fee (click the Buy Now button below),
  2. Receiving the Service Receipt Authorization Number from our technician, and
  3. Packing the guitar according to instructions provided by the Technician.

MISAS Fee: $80.00