Welcome to the KVG family of brands:
  • KVG Labs: Our research laboratory, which creates the unique insights and discoveries that become the heart of each of our other brands.
  • KVG Music: Our hand-made Basses, Guitars, Pickups, Bass Strings, Amplifiers, and Effects Pedals.
  • SRA: Specialized Recording and Audio: Our analog recording studio, archival mastering suite, and related services.
  • TAN: The Amplification Nation: Our limited production home audio loudspeakers and amplifiers.
  • KVG Knowledge Base: Things you need to know or may be interested in knowing.

…and our Blog

Music stands in a much closer connection with pure sensation than any other art ... in music, the sensations of tone are the material of the art.
Hermann von Helmholtz, acoustics pioneer, 1862.
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