KVG Laboratories

KVG Laboratories actively conducts a broad program of both primary and applied research, with subsequent development, engineering, testing, evaluation, and assessment into the fields of:
  • psychoacoustics
  • design and operation of sound recording apparatus (microphones, recorders, equalizers, compressors, amplifiers, monitors, et cetera).
  • design and operation of sound reproduction apparatus (loudspeakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, phono pickups, turntables, media players, et cetera).
  • audio signal conditioning and processing
  • sound recording techniques
  • room acoustics (and acoustic devices) for music reproduction, live performance and sound recording recording
  • music instrument design
  • music instrument amplification
  • music instrument effects processing

To support our research efforts, we maintain one of the largest privately-held research libraries in North America, containing reference books, articles, white papers and specification sheets.

The results of our research efforts are then developed into new products, training programs, and reference works that are made available to consumers, industry and original equipment manufacturers. We can conduct research and subsequent development programs for you, giving you an edge over your competitors and prominence in your market. .

As an example of one of our research programs, although the big electronics companies quit researching tube electronics since tubes were pronounced “dead” around 1965, KVG Laboratories never stopped its research. We have been able to advance the design of vacuum tube audio, overcoming many of the adverse perceptions about tube sound and solving many of the limitations of transistorized audio equipment.

The distinctive sound of both our tube designs and our transistorized designs is defined by our underlying design philosophy that audio equipment must not rob the music of life. This is not just empty words. Think about it: a live musical performance has an energy that touches each member of the audience, involving them in that same energy, sharing the same emotions evoked by the music.

Music can move an audience into action, otherwise music would not be a part of almost every human experience from marriages to celebrations to political movements and even wars. Audio equipment affects more than the sound of recorded music, it can rob the music of the life it had when performed live. It is that unbelievably elusive balance everyone seeks that, once found, changes recordings into live performances appearing magically before the listener. Every nuance, every detail of the music must be let through unaltered, otherwise the balance is lost.

KVG Laboratories demands that its designs allow the listener to experience that rare experience of losing themselves into the music, forgetting that they are listening to a recording, only to be jarred back to reality with a pang of sudden loss when the recording ends.

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