KVG Laboratories

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Owner, Designer, KVG Laboratories, LLC: 
May 1977 – Present, (Lee's Summit, Missouri; Raytown Missouri; currently Bonner Springs, Kansas)
Manufacturer of audio equipment and music instruments, also operates a music and voice-over recording studio, independent record label, photographic studio, online television production house, and electroacoustics research laboratory. Provides acoustics design and consultation, OEM equipment design services, including turnkey production; talent representation for voice-over talent, guitarists and vocalists. Member of The National Academy of the Recording Arts and Sciences, a.k.a The Recording Academy. Recording studio has had two recordings submitted for a Grammy Award, and counting.

Managing Editor, Woods & Waters Press:
January 1995 – Present, Raytown Missouri and Bonner Springs, Kansas.
Specialty publisher of business and technical nonfiction titles.

Vice President, Gainsharing Corporation of America:
June 1987 – February 2010, Raytown, Missouri
Management consulting, specializing in gainsharing motivation programs for business.

System Operator, The Topical Paradise BBS:
April 1989 – October 1996, Raytown, MO
Designed, installed and operated computer BBS (bulletin board systems) accessed via dial-up telephone line.

Editor, Parkway Press:
March 1984 – June 1993, Kansas City, Missouri
College textbook publisher

Designer, Applied Force Dynamics:
June 1990 – November 1992, Kansas City, MO
Development, testing and applications engineering of ballistic, aerodynamic and acoustic apparatus.

Board Member, Selective Service System, Local Board of Adjudication:
September 1979 – July 1999, Raytown, MO
Review and adjudicate cases of requests for deferment or exemption from military service.

Freelance Photographer, Coincident Recording Photography:
December 1979 – September 1987, Kansas City, Missouri Area
Construction process, small product, botanical, documentary, photo-ethnography, event, aerial and general commercial photography; custom photofinishing services.

Audio Electronics Designer, The Amplification Nation:
May 1977 – October 1984, Lee’s Summit, MO; Raytown, MO; June 2020 to present.
Regional manufacturer of professional audio amplifiers, loudspeakers and modifications for studio recorders. Provided tech support, service and modification for Ampex, Studer-Revox, Scully, Ampro, Pioneer, Teac Tascam, Dual, Shure, Ortofon, Nakamichi, AKG, ElectroVoice, Altec, JBL, Dual, Pioneer, TEAC, TASCAM, B*I*C, Kenwood, Marantz, Technics, Onkyo, Gately, Ward Beck, Voice of Music, Magnecorder, Telex, Pentron, Berlant-Concertone, Wollensak, Accuphase, Phase Linear, SAE, ESS, Martel-Uher, DBX, RG Electronics, SAE, Luxman, Micro-Seiki, Mitsubishi, Audio Empire, Audio Dynamics Corporation, Sonotone, EV Game, Pfahnstiehl, Dokorder, Optonica, Sharp, (ADC), Shure, Ortofon, BSR, Elac-Miracord, Garrard, McGohan, Arkay, Studiocraft, Geneva, Gibson Girl, Bibb, Discwasher, Niles, MonsterCable, Switchcraft, ITC Cannon, Henry Engineering, Brociner, Masco, Bogen, Challenger, Winegard, Nortronics, Micro-Acoustics, H. H. Scott, Newcomb, Calectro, Calrad, Beyerdynamics, Stanton Magnetics, Gray Research, Russco, Gates, QRK, Rek-O-Kut, ITC, Audax (tonearms), RCA, Polydax, McCurdy, McMartin, Langevin, Collins and Westrex. Application Engineering services for Calectro, Calrad, Altec, JBL, ElectroVoice, AKG, CTS, Calectro, Audax/Polydax, Peerless, SEAS Denmark, Creedence Loudspeakers, Siare, Foster, Pioneer OEM, Nortronics, Motorola Semiconductor, Signetics, Switchcraft, ITC Cannon, Amphenol, Cutler-Hammer, Allen-Bradley, Harris Semiconductor, RCA Electron Tube Division, Sylvania Vacuum Tube Division, and Eimac.

Master Engineer, Specialized Recording and Audio:
July 1976 – October 1984, Lee’s Summit, MO; June 2020 to present.
Recording engineer. Company specialized in location recording and live sound production. Affiliated with Columbia Records from 1978 to 1981.

Audio Engineer, Berean Baptist Church Radio Productions: 
October 1976 – July 1983, Kansas City, MO
Recording engineer, live sound engineering. Organization produced a weekly radio show for a local church.

Associate Sales, CMC Stereo:  
May 1977 – October 1977, Raytown, MO
Stereo equipment and accessories sales.

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