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Subtle Look.

But Not Subtle Sound.

An amplifier, no matter how great, can't flow the music into your soul. That's the job of the loudspeaker. Too many speakers, not to mention earbuds, simply don’t let you hear everything that’s in the music. Or worse, they cover up the details with harsh distortion. They cheat you out of your music. Interface:61 doesn’t cheat.

That's why you’ll enjoy Interface:61 — You’ll feel the music, body and soul. You’ll hear things in your music you never knew was there, especially if you've been hearing music through earbuds or Bluetooth speakers.

Interface:61 makes your music so much more fun. Lose yourself in your music without breaking the bank.

The boffins at The Amplification Nation wanted an affordable but amazing sounding loudspeaker to offer our Citizens. They decided to take the best listening features from many popular speakers designs and add our touches. Start with the vivid spatial imaging and crystal clear vocal reproduction of a classic BBC minimonitor, then add the punchy but clear bass of classic bass reflex speakers, and finally sweeten with the natural treble of much-sought-after vintage “East Coast Sound” bookshelf speakers.

Interface:61 uses a KVG 6WPLP-8 6-inch PLP woofer and a hand-balanced KVG 1T8-RSD 8 rubberized silk dome tweeter. To blend them together seamlessly, Interface:61enjoys an unusually low crossover frequency. This combination creates a 3D-like stereo image, with the added pleasure of reduced listener fatigue and a remarkably-wide listening “sweet spot.” The Interface:61's bass reflex/low group delay acoustic design lets you hear strong, clean bass without the need for a subwoofer in many situations. We wanted to be sure that there was none of the “one note” boomy bass you hear from too many speakers today.

To achieve this feat of sonic satisfaction, The Amplification Nation developed a unique design formula, spending countless hours alternating between exacting measurements and extensive listening tests — instead of taking the easy way and using computer simulations based on the same formulae everyone else uses. The Interface:61's proprietary bass reflex design approaches the level of detail normally associated only with sealed speakers, an achievement we’re proud of.

The resulting frequency response is 45 to 20,000 Hz in ideal acoustic environments, and 55 to 20,000 Hz in typical rooms. Interface:61 matches amplifiers between 10 Watts and 50-Watts RMS power with 8-ohm impedance that is an easy-to-drive load for most quality amplifiers.

Interface:61's wood composite cabinet is finished in a durable yet subtle, timeless black ash cabinet finish. Other features include rugged 5-way binding posts for reliable audio connections, and a removable grille that doesn't dull the sound for those situations where you want the speakers to be visually unobtrusive.

Overall dimensions are 14-1/4" H x 8-3/4“ W x 11" D.

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