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K-Bass Guitars

The K-Bass has an extremely high sense of attack, fingering detail and responsiveness. It reveals every subtlety of your playing technique — so if you’re not a good bassist, the K-Bass leaves you nowhere to hide.

You can play chords on a K-Bass with no loss of tone, no muddiness and no loss of detail. Even playing the E-string open doesn’t dull or smear other notes.

A K-Bass gives you a wide range of tones from acoustic-like clean to growling mean. Do you like to drop tune? So does the K-Bass - you can drop tune without losing tone - even a full octave below E (E0).
Heres’ just a few of the K-Bass’s features:

- KVG’s exclusive Sandburg SilkGlide™ neck for fast, comfortable playing.
- Lets you hear exactly what your strings sound like - you’ll be surprised by how much different strings sound, even those that sound alike on traditional bass guitars.
- Ability to use any kind of bass string: nickel, steel, stainless, hybrids, phosphor bronze, and even nylon and gut strings.
- Combination of KVG’s VMS and Electret pickups for hot output and rich, complex tone: punchy highs, clean mids and powerful bass.
- Traditional tone control, or bass/treble tone control for dialing in just the right amount of punchiness and bottom-end weight.
- Optional “Growler” control.
- Popular body styles or custom bodies upon request.
- Fretted or fretless neck styles.
- Standard 34-inch scale length.
- Custom scale lengths on request.
- Nearly infinite variety of body finishes.
- Custom decals featuring your band’s name or any other image you want.

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