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Cassette Jazzed The Jazz Producer (UK)

My wide, Tanya, and I were making a one-off special radio show about the Russian jazz scene. She personally collected some records, DAT tapes and CDs from various musicians. One of them gave her a cassette tape of his group.

The radio producer said it wouldn't be good enough quality for broadcast, it being on a cassette tape. So, we took it away and dubbed the recording from my Pioneer CTS 830S cassette player onto a friend's Sony DAT deck. We gave the DAT tape to the producer telling him we got the DAT recording from the musician - we didn't mention the source was the cassette!. We fooled him! He loved the tape and a track on it was subsequently used for the programme - he never found out a humble cassette was the source for the DAT tape.

—Graham N.

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