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The Museum of Audio History

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The Museum Of Audio History — Welcomes you to our online home! We’re not just another museum filled with old things sitting in glass cases with little plaques next to them. Oh no. We’re much more than that.

The Museum Of Audio History is a living history museum. As we grow, we’ll adding interactive exhibits and demonstrations of each era of audio history.

Our desire is to keep alive not just the old equipment, but the experience of listening to recorded music over the past, and the recording techniques that made those recordings possible.

We’ll show how music and our everyday lives were touched by the first phonographs, then by radio, record players, tape recorders, PA systems, and, ultimately, modern digital music players. You’d be surprised how much of pop culture was shaped by audio technology.

MOAH is community-oriented. Located in the metropolitan Kansas City area, we will be a valuable resource for schools at every level. We’re putting together educational programs for all ages, along with vocational technology courses for teens and adults. Other services we’ll offer will include restoration services and more.

It is our vision to become a hub for both the audio and music communities, creating a crossroads where electronics clubs, collectors, musicians, audiophiles and music lovers can come together.

For now, we’re starting off as a virtual museum online. But, we’re working toward having a physical presence. Once we have our physical location, we will have not just our exhibition spaces, but also workshops, facilities for educators and a music hall available for concert, club meetings, record swap-n-shops and more.

Keep in touch with us! If you’d like to help us grow, contact us today.

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