KVG Laboratories

Recording Studio

Our studio is unique. It's a research facility dedicated to creating new techniques and perfecting recording technology. We're making the highest quality recordings while reducing the hassle of the recording process. Aditionally, we conduct training in, and recresations of, historic recording technology.

As a result of our work, our equipment changes constantly. It's a mix of vintage equipment, modern gear and experimental prototypes.

Because of security and intellectual property issues, and to protect the privacy of the musicians, the studio is not open to the public. We're not able to accommodate requests for tours. Also, the address of the studio is not made public (cannot be found on this website). The studio address is given to the musicians only once the project begins. Thank you for your understanding in this issue.

Enjoy the music!

We're looking for new bands to record!

If your band is selected, we'll pay for the recording costs ourselves. It's only fair, because recording your band helps us in our research projects.

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We're Hiring

Are you interested in being a part of creating music while creating new technology? Do you enjoy historic recordings as well as modern genres? You may be just who we're lookig for.

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