KVG Studio Services


We operate one of the few fully-analog studios in the United States. Analog recording, especially live-on-location, is a particular a passion of ours. We're very choosy about the recording projects we take on. Analog recorders are costly to operate. The technology doesn't offer the pinpoint editing that most of today's bands require. While this seems to be a problem, it's the main advantage of analog: only the best musicians can make good recordings with analog recorders. The technology doesn't let you "fix it in the mix."

A band that can do an analog recording is a truly excellent band! They're very hard to find!

If you feel your band is good enough for analog, please email me and we'll talk about it.

Most of the equipment in the studio is either custom-designed then hand-made by us, or modified for the best performance possible. Merely buying some recording equipment isn't good enough. Anyone can do that, it's no particular accomplishment. Sorry, we don’t mean for that to come off as snobbish or elitist. But taking the time to design the build, or modify, the ideal equipment for the project is the only way to achieve the highest quality recordings. It's the difference between off-the-rack clothing and custom-tailored high fashion.

Additionally, we offer unique mastering services for your recordings, whether analog or digital.

Preserving our audio history is another passion of ours. Our archival re-recording service is part of our efforts to keep historic music and voice recordings alive.
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