The Street Music Tapes!


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Welcome to The Street Music Tapes Project! We’re looking to sign up as many street musicians and buskers from the Kansas City Metropolitan Area and nearby communities to become part of a series of recordings celebrating and preserving the diversity and richness of our Busker music and Busker culture.

We’ll record you live on the street using meticulously-restored analog field recorders to capture your music organically and spontaneously.

Upon conclusion of the project, each musician will receive a fair portion of the proceeds from the sales of the finished recordings:
  • Downloads
  • Streaming
  • Compact Disc
  • Real-Time Duplicated Cassettes

The best dozen songs will be featured on a limited-release vinyl record.

The Deadline to Sign Up Is August 1, 2024.

We’ll begin recording immediately thereafter, weather permitting.

People & Tech:

The People:

  • Master Engineer & Producer: Kermit Gray, Member The Recording Academy
  • Sound Technician: Tyler Sams
  • Sound Technician: Jerry Harkins

The Recorders:

  • Ampex 602 (modified)
  • Marantz PMD430 (modified)
  • Nagra III
  • Nakamichi 550
  • Revox A77-HS (modified)
  • Uher Report Stereo 4200 (upgraded)
  • Uher 4000 Report L (upgraded)
  • Uher 4000 Report S (upgraded)
  • Uher 4000 Report Monitor
  • Ambience Capture Recorder: Korg MR1000S DSD Format


  • AKG C567E (modified for improved dynamic range)
  • AKG C568E (modified for improved dynamic range)
  • AKG D1000E
  • AKG D200E
  • AKG D202E
  • AKG D900
  • Crown CM-100
  • ElectroVoice 644
  • ElectroVoice 660
  • Shure SM54
  • Shure SM59
  • Crown PZM6 (modified)
  • Nakamichi CM100 (modified for improved dynamic range)
  • Superlux S502-Mk II (modified for improved dynamic range)


  • AKG K271
  • Beyerdynamic DT-880
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