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KVG Laboratories is a dedicated group of musicians and audio engineers whose passion is to create the finest music instruments, loudspeakers, audio equipment and sound recordings that are technologically possible. Everything we build, by hand, is the result of our experience that mass produced products require compromise, something we're not willing to do.

KVG Laboratories is an outgrowth of its founder, Kermit Gray’s, commitment not to rush new products onto the market each year just to have a new product. He and his team take whatever time is needed to get the product right because they will not be not satisfied until it’s right.
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Our Team is:

Kermit V. Gray — CEO, founder, designer, audio engineer, electrocoustics engineer, professional photographer and overall gear fanatic. Cat fancier. Enjoys almost all music from 1400 AD to the mid-1980s.

Chris Sandburg — Executive Assistant, Logistics and Inventory Management, inventor of our SilkGlide guitar/bass neck treatment. Love of music, love of people. Often caught listening to ’50s oldies, Santana, Chicago, ABBA, The Beatles and the Bee Gees.

Tyler Sams — Production Manager. Guitarist, fabrication and assembly, finishing, guitar and bass setup tech. Filled with passion for living the music life, and the music life has a passion for him.

Joe “Not Your Average Joe” Sittenauer — Bassist, electronic assembly, IT and all things digital. Can’t pass up any music instrument without playing it.

Jerry Harkins — Our cassette and vinyl record revivalist. You’ve never met anybody with as much passion for cassette tapes. And he has a great ear for audio quality, so when Jerry says a cassette is good, it’s great.
KVG Laboratories actively conducts a broad program of both primary and applied research, with subsequent development, engineering, testing, evaluation, and assessment into the fields of:
  • psychoacoustics
  • design and operation of sound recording apparatus (microphones, recorders, equalizers, compressors, amplifiers, monitors, et cetera).
  • design and operation of sound reproduction apparatus (loudspeakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, phono pickups, turntables, media players, et cetera).
  • audio signal conditioning and processing
  • sound recording techniques
  • room acoustics (and acoustic devices) for music reproduction, live performance and sound recording recording
  • music instrument design
  • music instrument amplification
  • music instrument effects processing

To support our research efforts, we maintain one of the largest privately-held research libraries in North America, containing reference books, articles, white papers and specification sheets. The results of our research efforts are then developed into new products, training programs, and reference works that are made available to consumers, industry and original equipment manufacturers.

A Few Of Our Research Projects have been…

  • Although the g electronics companies quit researching tube electronics since tubes were pronounced dead around 1965, we never stopped research. We’ve advanced the design of vacuum tube audio, overcoming many of the adverse perceptions about tube sound and solving many of the limitations of transistorized audio equipment.
  • Many companies advertise that their products bring you to an emotional experience by listening to their products. Is this merely marketing hype, or is it possible. if so, how? We looked into the issue, and the answers surprised us.
  • Does the wood used in a solid body guitar actually affect its tone? We worked to discover the answers.
  • Many companies advertise that their products can give you the same experience as a live concert. True or false? We found out that it can be true, and how to do it.
  • Does it really matter what wire or magnet is used in a guitar pickup? Our research says yes, and we found out why.
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