Who We Are

KVG Laboratories is a dedicated group of musicians and audio engineers whose passion is to create the finest music instruments, loudspeakers, audio equipment and sound recordings that are technologically possible. Everything we build, by hand, is the result of our experience that mass produced products require compromise, something we're not willing to do.

KVG Laboratories is an outgrowth of its founder, Kermit Gray’s, commitment not to rush new products onto the market each year just to have a new product. He and his team take whatever time is needed to get the product right because they will not be not satisfied until it’s right.
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Our Team is:

Kermit V. Gray — CEO, founder, designer, audio engineer, electrocoustics engineer, professional photographer and overall gear fanatic. Cat fancier. Enjoys almost all music from 1400 AD to the mid-1980s.

Chris Sandburg — Executive Assistant, Logistics and Inventory Management, inventor of our SilkGlide guitar/bass neck treatment. Love of music, love of people. Often caught listening to ’50s oldies, Santana, Chicago, ABBA, The Beatles and the Bee Gees.

Tyler Sams — Guitarist, fabrication and assembly, finishing, guitar and bass setup tech. Filled with passion for living the music life, and the music life has a passion for him.

Joe “Not Your Average Joe” Sittenauer — Bassist, electronic assembly, IT and all things digital. Can’t pass up any music instrument without playing it. And our resident anime expert.